Finding Peace

On a good day peace is very much present and I don’t need to look far to find it, however on a bad day it is hard to see past the thoughts and fog.

I have tried many ways to overcome this fog, and usually by acknowledging it as simply this, a temporary fog, I can work to clear it. On some occasions the fog can last for a while, and can reach so deep that it can cloud my judgement and it can be quite hard to realise that it is a temporary fog as opposed to a deep seated issue. Over time I have been working to acknowledge the beginnings of a fog and trying to find peace within these moments, accepting the bad with the good can be tough though.

Another approach is to bring myself back into the present moment, as I often let my thoughts drift into the future, imagining where i’d like to be, but if I do this while in a negative space these thoughts of future often find obstacles, problems and difficulties.

The best way for me to bring myself back into the present moment is to find a quiet place to sit down, close my eyes and take some deep relaxing breaths. I then acknowledge if my body is feeling tense and then relax any tension I feel. At this point the thoughts often come back, so I acknowledge them and move them aside. Sometimes I work through these thoughts a little, but if I get caught in them too long I move them away and bring myself back into the present moment.

Finding peace in positive and negative situations can be hard at times, and i’m still learning about how I can do this and it is getting easier the more I practice.


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