File_000Big subject! I learn more about what love is each day. The big ones in my life right now are quite different in how they feel. My love for my daughter is a deep un-moving love that reaches deep into my bones. I know this love will be there forever, she is a part of me and my heart and this will never change.

The other love is far more delicate, this love is a gift that needs to be given tender care, space to grow and change, not smothered or held too tightly, for if you do it might get damaged or prevented from becoming all that it might be. I treasure this love and I am trying to honour its beauty as best I can.

I think love begins with the courage to open up your heart. Nurture your own heart first, love all that you are and have been, forgive yourself and the people in your past and you will find the freedom to give and receive more love in your present. The more you can do this the more respect you have for love and healing.

Love is an infinite resource, no matter how much love you give there will always be more in your heart.



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